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Unboxing of Sigmarite mausoleum

It's time for some terrain. A month ago I was looking for some fantasy terrain in the net. When I saw Sigmarite Mausoleum, I knew it had to be mine. A few weeks ago my order arrived at my local games store(Strategia Centrum Gier). Unfortunatelly in the meantime it was Easter, so I didn't have any spare-time. I'll try to redeem myself by describing this unboxing in detail.

In this text I'll describe how amazing is this Sigmarite Mausoleum. When I picked up the box and it was quite heavy, then I realised that this is worth its money.

In this terrain set we receive 6 buildings, 2 monuments, 2 gates and enormous fence. Every edifice has it's own base. The gates have their bases too.

The fence is so heavy that I think it may be filled with plastic. Every piece is made with nice details. They are most visible on gates and fence. The skulls and roses on those elements, are so perfect, that painting them will only be pleasure.

Additionally a short instruction is inclu…

Painting Bases to Forces of The Abyss

After I prepared bases, it's time for painting. My army is composed of demons, who live in volcanic land, where lava flows on the ground. Therefore I had to match bases to their home's character.
First I painted my bases with Mephiston Red Spray from Citadel. Next I started creating lava by making stains on them with Wild Rider Red (C*). Those stains I lightened with Troll Slayer Orange (C*) and Lava Orange (AP**). 

Then I made new stains with Averland Sunset (C*), which I highlighted with Daemonic Yellow (AP**) and Matt White (AP**).

On the next step I use Martian Ironearth (C*) - a texture paint, which makes crushed ground effect. In the end I painted the bases with Matt Black (AP**).

This crushed ground is very fragile, so I put a mat varnish on bases for protection. I used for this Anti-Shine Matt Vanish (AP**). Finished bases were put into mutibase's shape, to show you the final effect.

You can see some paint streaks, because I wanted to achieve the effect of flowi…

Campaign Battle - Crimson Fists vs Drukhari

As promised I'm sharing narrative battle report of my latest Campaign battle against a force of Drukhari.
The fights in sector A01 have intensified.  The Crimson Fists Scout Squad saw the approaching Drukhari transporters.

Captain Jose-Arcadio Morelas decided that the best defense is offense, so he ordered the Scouts to attack immediately, while picking up available troops in a hurry. As soon as the Space Marines reached the battlefield, Capitan Morelas ordered an orbital bombardment. 

Although it only slowed the Dark Eldar vehicles, it allowed Crimson Fists to assume advantageous possitions before starting an assault. 

Drukhari's transports quickly located the position of imperial Scouts and rushed to them using the cover of nearby buildings. Unfortunately, the Hellblasters' unit predicted their path and used a breach in the building to fire from their plasma incinerators.

The ambush was successful, however, the transports managed to release the crew just before crashing…

Hello there

I finally got time to post something here ;) As you may noticed, my wife is focused mostly on Kings of War related stuff. And even though I find this system quite nice, I'm basicaly a WH40k player, so it's time to write something related to this game.

The army I'm playing is a Space Marines chapter, Crimson Fists. I'm into this hobby for about a year now and in the beginning I was painting and playing my Primaris Mrines as Ultramarines. But as you probably know, poster boys aren't the most beloved chapter there. And there already are a few people at the club we are members of, Cztery Smoki, who own a Ultramarines army. So I started to think, what chapter should I play, which one of theam appeals me most, and which would be easy enough to simply repaint from Ultramarines colour scheme. And then in White Dwarf, GW released Crimson Fist rules - you can probably guess what happened later.
But fear not! Most of my minis are still unpainted ;) But the urge to play was t…

Bases to Forces of The Abyss


When I had been cleaning and making a few models from my army set, I realised that to finish those models I need bases. I decided to abandon cutting out the models from the sprues and started cleaning and painting bases.

In the army set, which I described lately, we get bases for every model. The box includes:
62 small plastic bases in size 20 mm x 20 mm,10 bigger wooden bases in size 25 mm x 50 mm,3 large wooden bases in size 40 mm x 40 mm.  The models on bases need to be placed on movement trays, because Kings of War is a mass-battle fantasy wargame. In the begging I wanted to take care of small bases.

After I had cut them out from sprues, I glued a small magnet to every base. For this I used magnets sized 5 mm x 1 mm. It hid in the hole, which is placed at the bottom of the base. Next I glued a ferromagnetic foil to multibases(movement trays). In this case I can easily remove models from one multibase to another. I stole this idea from Kazan, who also runs a guide on his YouTube…

Army set of Forces of the Abyss


Last year I fell in love with Kings of War. Few months ago I bought an army in this page of Forces of the Abyss from Mantic, so this unboxing won't be 100 % new. Therefore it has some advantages, because I can describe you how putting it together has come.

In this box we get 8 plastic sprues with 5 Lower Abyssals, which can also be assembled into Flamebearers.  Also it contains 4 plastic sprues with 5 Succubi, 10 plastic Abyssal Horsemen in pieces and 1 metal character in pieces. Plastic Imps are added to sprues of other models. Till now I’ve made 20 Lower Abyssals, 5 Succubi, 1 Abyssal Horseman and the Character.

Unfortunately Lower Abyssals contain a lot of mould lines, so putting it together takes plenty of time. Luckily, Succubi have fewer mould lines than models above. When I’ve worked with the character, I was pleasantly surprised. Despite that the model is made from metal it is easy to clean and shape it. Abyssal Horsemen are a story of their own, so I’ll describe them …